Join us on the Coffee Journey

… to Ethopia!
Find out for yourself where the coffee which you are drinking grows and who the people who are cultivating it are.

In November/December, when the coffee trees bow to all the green, orange and red coffee cherries, we take five to ten curious people back on our journey to the home of the coffee tree in Ethiopia. We want to establish a direct link between coffee farmers in Ethiopia and coffee drinkers in Switzerland.

And what is more direct than meeting in person? For a coffee, a hike through the Ethiopian mountain forests or at the harvest – and best of all together!

Here are some impressions of the last trip:

“The trip was a unique highlight. What impressed me very much was the close contact to the coffee cooperatives, but also the company of the coffee from picking to the stock exchange.”
Hannes, fellow traveller 2017

“It was an incredibly beautiful atmosphere and we got to know the origin of coffee. Rarely could I share such an experience.”
Mohaya, fellow traveller 2017

The Facts

When?    01-08 December 2022 – Eight Days at the peak of the coffee harvest

Where?    From Addis Ababa to the home of the Arabica tree around Jimma and back

How much?   CHF 2’950 including tour guide from Switzerland, overnight stays, domestic flights, trips and most meals

We don’t want financial reasons preventing anyone from coming along: In this case, please contact us. In addition, there are the following discounts:
Early Bird discount: Book before June 1st and save CHF 200!
Friendship discount: Bring a friend and you will both save CHF 100!

From Tree

to cup

From picking the ripe coffee cherries on a hike through the coffee forests to the energetic atmosphere during the processing of the cherries into beans, to the selection at the dry beds and finally the tasting of the harvest in the coffee lab – our trip offers you unique insights into the everyday life and the life of the small farmers who grow your coffee.
During our travels so far, they have asked us again and again: “Who are the people who drink our coffee?” Now we would like to enable you to get to know us at the same level. Michaël, who knows Africa and Ethiopia very well from his previous travels, will certainly infect you with his passion for people and production processes!

The world’s oldest coffee culture

Ceremonial coffee drinking is an indispensable part of Ethiopian everyday life: families come together up to three times a day to drink freshly roasted coffee on the fire.

According to legend – and scientific studies say the same – the Arabica plant comes from the western Ethiopian mountain forests. We will explore with you the place where the shepherd Kaldi is said to have discovered coffee, because his goats suddenly jumped around conspicuously awake and full of energy.

Ethiopia is one of the most exciting travel destinations in Africa in cultural, religious and culinary terms. Maya, our ethnologist, is looking forward to discovering it with you.

Do you want to learn more?

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