Better than bio.
Coffee forest protects the biodiversity.

We are often asked if our coffee is organic. Our answer: More than that! Our coffee simply grows in its natural environment. The Arabica plant indeed originates from the Ethiopian mountain forests.
And because the forest is so important for the variety of flavours and thus also for the price of coffee, the farmers protect the natural biodiversity.

Better than organic? How that?

Bio can also be a plantation coffee, for the cultivation of which rainforest had to give way.
Our forest coffee protects the forest.  And because it grows exactly where the plant feels most comfortable, it needs neither chemical fertilizers nor additional irrigation.

Nature and people

For really good coffee, a forest with other huge trees is indispensable. Only in the semi-shade of taller trees do the coffee cherries have enough time to develop their full aroma potential. Harvesting by hand in the forest is of course much more complicated than with machines on a plantation – but it’s worth the effort. Ethiopian coffee is world-famous for its variety of flavours and the farmers get a very good price from international buyers like us. The protection of the forest goes hand in hand with the economic development of the region.