Frequently asked questions can only be collected if you ask! So please report anything missing here:

  • Manuela asked: How long does a coffee subscription last?

    As long as you want! You can change the delivery frequency at any time, take breaks and cancel (but we bet you’ll love our coffee and won’t want to cancel, of course).

    We’re all about you never being out there without coffee. And we want to help you to buy your goods according to your values. We know from our own experience how difficult it is to always choose products in everyday consumer decisions that are as sustainable as one actually wants them to be. That’s why we offer you this: You decide to have a coffee, where you know that it is good for the environment as well as for people along the value chain. And we’ll do the rest.

  • Minzi asked: Is your coffee organic and fairtrade? 

    Better than that! Our forest coffee protects the natural biodiversity of Ethiopia’s mountain forests. We pay a significantly higher price than the standard fair trade price and because we trade directly with smallholder farmers, we avoid wasting money for middlemen. We prefer to invest this in social projects for the children of the coffee farmers.

  • Hannes asked: How much of the price I pay goes to support a child in Ethiopia?

    Per pack of coffee Direct Coffee donates 1 CHF to our Direct Impact Association, which we have founded for the implementation of the social projects. But our promise is simply: You support one child per package. Therefore, depending on the project and the year of implementation, the exact amount may vary slightly from the reference value. For example, we expect the honey price we paid last year for the school meal program to be different next year.

  • Lukas asked: Are your capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines?

    Yes! But what is very important to us is that they are also biodegradable.

    Because they are not made of aluminium, you may have to squeeze a little more to close the machine. Don’t worry, nothing can happen to the machine. And you do it for the environment. In addition, the Nespresso® guarantee continues to apply when compatible capsules are used – even if Nespresso® had to be forced to do so by a French court in 2014. Abuse of market power is banned in the EU as well as in Switzerland!

    This, however, only applies to machines for private households. We are still looking for a partner who can develop a biodegradable alternative to the flat Nespresso® company pads.

  • Philippe asked: Where do you store my credit card details – are they safe?

    Our passion is about good coffee, not about credit cards. That’s why we don’t store the data ourselves, but leave it to our payment provider Stripe, which handles billions of dollars a year online for innovative companies around the world, including Facebook, Twitter, Adidas, Unicef and many others. You enter your sensitive data in an encrypted window directly at Stripe, the payment information does not flow through our website.