Ambo coffee capsules: Nespresso®compatible and biodegradable


Ambo: Really strong

Our Ambo capsules are for those who like their coffee very strong. We add some robusta to our Arabica from the Ethiopian forest. And we roast a bit darker. Effect guaranteed. You can enjoy it as an espresso, as a lungo or with milk.
One package contains 40 freshly roasted coffee capsules.

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Our Nespresso®-compatible capsules – double environmentally friendly

Capsules of coffee are practical and convenient: the capsules are quickly ready for use in the morning, the coffee has a nice crema and the kitchen remains clean. Coffee capsules are so popular for a reason. And this despite their bad image as environmental polluters. With our biodegradable capsules we want to combine both: comfort and environmental friendliness. After all, they are actually twice as environmentally friendly.

How coffee is grown is the most important thing for the environment

Why? Because what’s in the capsules is crucial. According to the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, capsule production is relatively insignificant for the complete environmental balance of coffee capsules:”The environmental impact of agriculture on coffee cultivation is decisive for the life cycle assessment. It is therefore very important for us that the coffee in our biodegradable capsules is forest coffee. It grows in the middle of the forest, its natural ecosystem. This means that the original flora and fauna do not have to give way for the cultivation of our coffee, as is the case on Brazilian organic plantations, for example, despite certification. And because the coffee plants grow exactly where they originate, they do not need chemical fertilizers or artificial irrigation. As soon as the coffee cherries are ripe, they are picked by hand and carried to the cooperative on donkey’s back – which also protects the environment, because it saves fuel for all kinds of machines.

Capsules save coffee

According to experts the environmental impact of capsule production is equivalent to the impact of only 1 gram of conventionally grown coffee. The low coffee consumption per cup, which distinguishes capsules, is therefore another important aspect. For an espresso from a professional espresso machine or the Italian oven jug, usually at least 8 grams of coffee are used. For a capsule coffee, on the other hand, it is just 5 to 6 grams. The consideration of the whole life cycle of a product – from coffee in Africa to delicious coffee in Switzerland – sometimes brings surprises.

What does biodegradable mean?

Our capsules are made of a plant-based plastic and are therefore compostable. It takes about 3 months to decompose completely in CO2 and H2O.

Really sustainable

As with all of our products, the coffee for your capsules is traded directly and fairly, protects the natural biodiversity of Ethiopia and supports social projects for the children of coffee farmers.


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