Cold Brew Coffee Glass


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Cold Brew belongs in jam jars! That much is clear. And if you don’t just want to be refreshed, but want to find out who cultivates your coffee where and how, our Cold Brew Kafi glass is just the thing for you. Small spoiler alarm: You will find out in the description below.

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A delicious drink belongs in a wonderful glass. And because we believe that it is important for you to know where your coffee comes from and what makes it so special, we have immortalized all this on this glass.

We buy the beans for our Cold Brew directly from the 212 smallholders of the Qottaa cooperative in Western Ethiopia. The Arabica plants grow here in their natural ecosystem – because the miracle tree actually comes from this region. Under the huge trees of the Ethiopian mountain forest, the coffee cherries have enough time to ripen and develop their full flavour potential. And guess what kind of preparation is the best way to tickle these aromas? Exactly: Cold Brewing! Enjoy it. Enjoy it.


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