Gift tasting box coffee beans & hand mill


Gift set

This gift combines our coffee bean degustation set with the beautiful hand mill from our coffee-startup-friends from Groenenberg. In adition it contains the booklet “Coffee from tree to cup” with pictures that illustrate the complete journey of your coffee (the texts are in German and French).

Coffee bean degustation set

100 gramms of each of our three sorts T’enikara, K’elemi and Lesilasa to try out and discover your new favourite coffee!

Lesilasa: Fruity and aromatic for connoisseurs

A coffee sommelier can discover 800 different flavours in a really good coffee – making coffee the most complex food that people consume. Our Lesilasa wants to celebrate exactly this: the gentle roasting process preserves the aromas of dark chocolate, spices, caramel and tropical fruits such as kiwi and passion fruit. Just the right thing for filters, French Press, fully automatic or Aeropress.

K’elemi: Fine aromatic espresso

In the K’ elemi espresso comes only our forest Arabica from the smallholder farmers of the Qottaa cooperative in Western Ethiopia. The light espresso roasting ensures a wonderful balance between the natural flavours of the coffee cherry and the roasting aromas: we find touches of dry fruit, roasted almonds and cocoa. But try it yourself! Perfect for Italian moka pot, semi-automatic or full-automatic machines.

Tenikara: Powerful and complex, as in Italy

Our T’enikara Espresso Forte has been developed for all those who prefer to have their short ones really strong and bitter. Prepared with the bialetti oven pot as in Italy. Aromatically, it reminds of strong dark chocolate. In addition to the Arabica from the smallholders of the Qottaa cooperative in the mountain forests of Western Ethiopia, we have added a third of the robusta. This gives the coffee more body and provides a particularly beautiful crema.

Hand coffee mill

Grinding coffee by hand is the epitome of a beautiful ritual in the morning. Giving a hand mill means giving time – and peace for the little pleasurable moments of life. The coffee that you grind yourself tastes better, everyone knows it. And the Groenenberg hand mill is the perfect companion: with a adjustable ceramic grinder and a timeless stainless steel cylinder. Have fun giving and enjoying!


Truly sustainable

As with all our coffee products, the coffee of your degustation set is traded directly and fairly, protects the natural biodiversity of Ethiopia and supports social projects for the children of coffee farmers.


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