Gift set with coffee capsules, spices and mangos


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Gift set

This gift combines our coffee capsules with spices and mangos from our direct-trade-startup-friends from SoulSpice and We Are Nyanja. In adition it contains the booklet “Coffee from tree to cup” with pictures that illustrate the complete journey of your coffee (the texts are in German and French).

Degustation set

The degustation set lets you try out the three sorts, from fine aromatic to strong. Enjoy!

Lomi: Aromatically fruity espresso

Our Lomi capsules are just the thing for a fine and light espresso. In the biodegradable capsules there is only one thing: pure Arabica from the small farmers of the Qottaa cooperative in the mountain forests of Western Ethiopia. Under the crowns of the huge trees, the coffee cherries have enough time to fully develop their aroma potential. And our roasting médier Philippe tickles the flavours here in Switzerland in the traditional drum roasting: dried fruits, nuts, chocolate and caramel.

Mulu: Strong and complex – as an espresso or lungo

Our Mulu capsules are something for lovers of the Italian espresso culture and also with milk or as lungo very tasty. In addition to our Arabica from the smallholders of the Qottaa cooperative in the mountain forests of Western Ethiopia, we have added a third of Robusta to this. This gives the coffee more body and provides a particularly beautiful crema. Aromatically, it reminds of strong dark chocolate.

Ambo: Very strong

Our Ambo capsules are for those who like their coffee very strong. We add some robusta to our Arabica from the Ethiopian forest. And we roast a bit darker. Effect guaranteed.

Oriental coffee spices from SoulSpice

Coffee has been seasoned for centuries. In Ethiopia traditionally with fresh herbs, but sometimes also with salt. The oriental coffee spice from Soul Spice combines cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pepper grown by small farmers to a wonderful companion to our coffee. Just the right thing for the holiday season.

Dried mangoes from We are Nyanja

Ancient wild mango trees grow on the shore of Lake Niassa in Mozambique. Our friend Jonathan has made it his passion to bring the wonderfully aromatic fruits to us in Switzerland – and thus to give the 250 small farmers of the village of Nkholongue the opportunity to earn their living.

Direct trade

What used to be transported directly to the western world in the belly of sailing ships in dangerous voyages from distant countries is nowadays usually a disgraceful commodity. Huge quantities of raw materials are traded on the world’s stock exchanges. Countless middlemen who have not even seen the goods earn their money on it.
The new movement towards direct trade wants to avoid precisely this. Personal and direct relations with local smallholders and cooperation with them on an equal footing is the basic principle. In this way, the producers of the raw materials – who in the end do most of the work – receive a fair share.

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Truly sustainable

As with all our coffee products, the coffee of your degustation set is traded directly and fairly, protects the natural biodiversity of Ethiopia and supports social projects for the children of coffee farmers.


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