When we ask the people we meet at our coffee tastings around Switzerland whether they’ve ever heard of something called “Cold Brew”, most of them shake their heads. The “new” way of drinking coffee has not yet conquered Switzerland. Some newspapers wrote articles about it. And you can find it at a handful of coffee-geek-cafés – but even though the coffee giant Starbucks started selling Cold Brew in Switzerland, it’s mostly unknown to the Swiss.

The Cold Brew mania started out some ten years ago in the US. Directly trading coffee roasters found a method to brew their specialty coffee in a way that brings out all the delicious natural flavors of coffee – without extracting bitter and acidic compounds. What they got was a sweet and smooth coffee full of flavors and with a caramel like finish. In fact, the method is already around for some centuries. According to “The Guardian”, it was the Japanese who first steeped coffee in cold water for extended periods of time back in the 1600s. Even today the so called Kyoto coffee which is a sort of cold drip is served in Japan.

In the US, Cold Brew quickly became a popular trend. Soon after its first occurrence, it was served on the rocks in coffee shops all over the country. And people also started bottling the brew. In 2014, the Cold Brew wave also reached the coasts of the UK. In 2015, Starbucks jumped on the bandwagon.

These days, you can already read obituaries of the trend. While in Switzerland, it didn’t even take off …

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