Capsule coffee is extremely practical. No question about it. But pollute the environment? You don’t have to do that!

That’s why our capsules are Nespresso®-compatible but biodegradable. And thus twice as environmentally friendly.



Are you curious? Come on, break open a capsule! What you will discover looks like the sketch on the right. Our capsules are made of a plant-based plastic and can therefore be composted (for all those who want to know exactly, here is a Confirmation by the environmental authority of the Canton of Geneva). They are in accordance with Norm EN 13432. So unless your regional disposal regulations say otherwise, the capsules are in good hands in organic waste. Unfortunately, however, they are not yet suitable for domestic compost – it is like with bioplastic bags and banana peels: they simply take much longer than anything else that is thrown into the compost…

Environmentally Friendly

Why? Because what’s in the capsules is important. “The environmental impact of agriculture in coffee cultivation is decisive for the ecological balance of coffee capsules”, says at least the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research. It is therefore very important for us that the coffee in our biodegradable capsules is forest coffee. This grows in the middle of the forest, its natural ecosystem. Coffee cultivation not only protects the original flora and fauna – farmers can also completely do without chemical fertilizers, artificial irrigation and the like. Estimates also assume that the environmental impact of capsule production, even for plastic and aluminium, is only approximately equivalent to that of 1 gram of conventionally grown coffee arises. The low coffee consumption per cup, which distinguishes capsules, is therefore important.