• Direct Coffee Cold Brew Pads Standout small Cold Brew Pads

    Cold Brew Coffee Pads

    Have you always wondered why coffee doesn't taste as good as the beans smell? Cold Brew Kafi is the answer. No bitter, sour or dry aftertaste - Cold Brew is refreshing, tastier and healthier than its famous hot siblings, espresso and filter coffee.   With our Cold Brew Kafi Pads you can make the cool-aromatic wake-up-maker at home.┬áPad into the cold water, wait, pad out, put ice cubes in, enjoy! One package contains 10 pads of freshly roasted coffee.
  • Cold Brew Coffee Glass

    Cold Brew belongs in jam jars! That much is clear. And if you don't just want to be refreshed, but want to find out who cultivates your coffee where and how, our Cold Brew Kafi glass is just the thing for you. Small spoiler alarm: You will find out in the description below.


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