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Have you always wondered why coffee doesn’t taste as good as the beans smell? Cold Brew Kafi is the answer. No bitter, sour or dry aftertaste – Cold Brew is refreshing, tastier and healthier than its famous hot siblings, espresso and filter coffee.


With our Cold Brew Kafi Pads you can make the cool-aromatic wake-up-maker at home. Pad into the cold water, wait, pad out, put ice cubes in, enjoy!

One package contains 10 pads of freshly roasted coffee.

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Cold Brew – much more than cold coffee


For cold brewing, you only need three things: good water, extremely good coffee – and a lot of patience. For Cold Brew, the coffee is not brewed in a brutal shock treatment with hot water. Instead, the natural aromas are extracted gently and slowly. And coffee has more than just a good red wine!


Brewing at home made easy


With our Cold Pads you can brew your own Cold Brew easily. No more complex filtering, instead: Pad into the cold water, wait, wait, pad out, put ice cubes in and enjoy!


Experimenting is fun


Pure, on the rocks or with crushed ice, Cold Brew is perfect for a refreshment in between and at work. It is also excellently suited for surprising cocktail developments. Online, of course, there are already many ideas such as a Peach & Scotch Cold Brew Cocktail, a mix of ginger syrup and tequila, and also non-alcoholic varieties such as the classic Cold Brew Tonic. And while you’re at it: With Gin, the compilation gets a little more humming, of course. But, as we all know, caffeine makes you creative. So get to the bar and try it yourself!


Really sustainable


As with all of our coffee products, coffee is traded directly and fairly for your cold brew, protects the natural biodiversity of Ethiopia and supports social projects for the children of coffee farmers.



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