More than fair.

We buy directly from smallholder farmers and your coffee finances social projects for the children of the producers.

better than bio

Better than bio.

Your coffee grows in the Ethiopian mountain forest, where it is originally from. It grows in harmony with nature and protects the natural biodiversity.

200 percent transparent

200% transparent.

You can see with your own eyes that your coffee is a good thing for the people and for nature. Simply come with us to Ethiopia for a coffee-trip!

You may know us from …

Direct connections instead of middlemen

Fairtrade certificates are a good first step towards fair trade – that’s how we see it. But simply buying certified coffee from an importer here in Switzerland and trusting that the Fairtrade system will ensure that coffee farmers get enough money, we do not want that.
We want to know the people who grow our coffee – in person. And we want to make sure that as much money as possible stays with those who literally create value in the value chain. Our principle is that of direct trade: The more middlemen we avoid, the more money stays for the farmers.

Direct connections instead of middlemen

International trade is almost never direct: manufacturers and consumers are surrounded by a large number of middlemen, who of course always wipe themselves off a bit from profit for their services. With coffee, for example, this means that middlemen can afford gold chains and cars, while the farmers who have worked for the harvest all year round and often have to feed their families for the rest of the year can barely make ends meet.