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Make two people happy with our Gifts :-)

Looking for a sustainable gift? Whether it's a gift package, a subscription or a voucher - we're sure that your friends & family will love our coffee! GIFT PACKAGE Price: CHF 42 including free shipping *** WRITE ME AN EMAIL TO ORDER! marie@directcoffee.net *** Treat your friends and family with sensationally aromatic coffee in 40 Nespresso®-compatibles or [...]

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Eyeglasses for the coffee farmers’ children

We are just back from Ethiopia where we were able to implement our first social projects - including the eye test day for the children of our coffee farmers. Now we want to show you the achievements of your support. Enjoy the reading! Screening 870 children on a single day is a real challenge. First, all [...]

By | December 5th, 2016|Social Projects|2 Comments

A short history of Cold Brew

When we ask the people we meet at our coffee tastings around Switzerland whether they’ve ever heard of something called “Cold Brew”, most of them shake their heads. The “new” way of drinking coffee has not yet conquered Switzerland. Some newspapers wrote articles about it. And you can find it at a handful of coffee-geek-cafés [...]

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What the … is Cold Brew? And how can I make it at home?

Black cold coffee might sound awful to some of you (and so it does to me), but trust me, cold brew is worth a try. It will make you realize the magic of cold coffee. In a nutshell, cold-brewed coffee is ground coffee steeped in cold water for almost a day and then strained. Still [...]

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Lean Packaging & Less Waste

712 kg – that's the amount of waste an average Swiss produces each year. The OECD average is just 483 kg. In the industrialized countries, only the people in the US and Denmark produce more waste. We don't want to contribute to this horrible fact. That's why we tried to choose our packaging as environmentally [...]

By | July 8th, 2016|Sustainability|0 Comments

The tenthousand coffees of Ethiopia

„Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee“. That's what you will hear at least once a day when travelling through the coffee regions of Ethiopia. And it's true, Ethiopia is where the arabica coffee tree originates and where it still grows wild. It is also the country with the highest number of arabica varieties in the world. Even [...]

By | June 30th, 2016|Coffee Knowledge, Sustainability|0 Comments

How much do the farmers get?

This was one of our key questions when we travelled to Ethiopia and met the farmers. “Before, we used to sell our coffee for 1.50 to 2 Birr but now we can sell it for 10 to 15 Birr”, said Kedir Aba Megal, one of the farmers of Bufeta Gibe, the cooperative that produces our [...]

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Nudging the children to school during harvest time

„During coffee harvest time children often don't come to school“ says Wendmage Guta, director of Bufeta Gibe school. It's an inconvenient truth but it's a truth. Even in certified fairtrade cooperatives like Bufeta Gibe where child labor is forbidden (this is what is written on the picture below) children help their parents during harvest time. [...]

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They came, they saw, they learned – Why eyeglasses?

Can you read this sentence? Then you’ve been pretty lucky. Either your eyes are functioning correctly – or you are wearing glasses. Go to a school in Ethiopia and look around: You won’t find any pupils with eyeglasses. This is not because they have better eyes than anywhere else. "Some of our students cannot see [...]

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Deworming = Development

Deworming at school is one of the most effective means of increasing school attendance – and by that fostering education and development. That’s what the WHO says, that’s what researchers of the Poverty Action Lab at MIT say and that’s what convinced the World Economic Forum in Davos to launch the “Deworm the World” initiative. [...]

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